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Get 1-on-1 online piano lessons, Monday through Friday.  Don’t make the mistake of choosing once-a-week lessons. Elevate their journey, every day, with Oclef.

Why Oclef?

Piano Every Day

Every parent hopes their child thrives and finds joy in music through piano lessons. However, within the first three years, most piano students encounter obstacles leading to 83% of children dropping out or being musically illiterate. This is due to the traditional once-a-week lesson model. Left on their own, students don’t practice every day and most parents don’t know how to help between lessons. So most students simply don’t practice and wait until their next lesson in a week. 

By shifting to the Oclef Method where children receive one-on-one guidance five days a week, success rates in piano soar above 90%. Our goal at Oclef is clear: to unlock the joy of music for every child. Join us to provide your child with daily support by a teacher that transforms their learning experience into a journey of personal growth and enjoyment.

How it works:

Piano Every Day

Your child connects with their piano teacher 5 times a week live online.  Whether they’re just starting or building upon years of study, our professors will adapt to each child’s individual needs.

Kaizen: Guided Practice

Once-a-week lessons don’t work. Alongside your piano lessons with your professor, we provide 1:1 guided practice with our team of instructors every day. We guide your child through a customized learning path, and build their independence. We’re open from 5AM until 8PM – log on anytime.

Integrated Learning Management

With Oclef Pro, our state-of-the-art learning management software, all Performance Recordings, Assignments, Monthly Assessments, and Lesson Notes are seamlessly organized. Your child’s progress is tracked and everything you need is at your fingertips.


Our school will help your children learn piano correctly and love it. Don’t make the common mistake of trying to learn piano once a week. Weekly piano lessons may waste years of your children’s time and they may grow frustrated with learning and practicing. Our school is built to prevent that from happening. Instead, we have hundreds of students and parents experiencing successful outcomes. Sign up now and we’ll assess your children and build a custom plan that will accelerate their piano education. We look forward to welcoming you at Oclef.


We are not just a piano school. We are Oclef. Our piano teachers have a passion to make piano education better and we’re showing that in our school design, student successes, and daily engagement. Learning piano is challenging and seeing a teacher once a week is an old system that causes most students to drop out. Make the right decision for your family and join us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oclef’s unique ‘Piano Every Day’ approach offers personalized, daily piano lessons that focus on continuous growth and clear feedback. This model significantly enhances skill retention and accelerates development compared to traditional weekly lessons. It maintains a consistent learning rhythm, fostering a deeper connection to music and ensuring a more effective and engaging learning experience for your child.

For $424/month, your child will be assigned to a Professor who is responsible for your child’s customized piano education plan. Depending on your child stage, they will meet 1 on 1 online with their professor or instructors Monday to Friday. They will also have access (once they’re ready) to Kaizen: continuous improvement through guided practice, Music Theory, annual Test Prep for Certificate of Merit, and access to our learning management system, Oclef Pro.

Yes, having a piano or digital keyboard is essential for daily practice and making the most of Oclef lessons.
Oclef welcomes students from 7 years and up, ideal for engaging in structured learning and making daily lessons productive.
Lessons are online, Monday to Friday, tailored to each student’s pace, with our unique methodology and Oclef Pro for tracking progress.
Yes, we offer comprehensive support for various piano examinations with our daily lessons and continuous assessment model.
Absolutely! Our adaptive method suits all levels, ensuring joy and success in piano learning for beginners and experienced students alike.
If your child misses a lesson, they receive tailored support to continue progressing, whether through additional materials or guided practice.

While primarily online, Oclef offers in-person recital opportunities for showcasing student progress and celebrating achievements, social events and classes to build community and immersive piano camps alongside our year-round curriculum.

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