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Explore music production and audio engineering.


Navigate the art of writing, from poetry to storytelling.


Explore business in a shifting economy.


KidStudio energizes students’ curiosity through the intriguing realm of audio engineering. By unraveling concepts such as wavelength and bandwidth, students will develop a deep appreciation for the nuances of sound. This course guides them in harnessing raw audio, teaching them to craft refined productions that resonate. Prepare your students for vibrant careers as Sound Designers, Recording Engineers, Board Operators, or DSP Engineers, empowering them with the expertise to shape the future of sound.


This course offers students the canvas to express their narratives through the mastery of creative writing, poetry, and setting captivating scenes. This course delves into the essential elements of exceptional writing, empowering students to engage and move their audiences with emotional depth and clarity. As they refine their craft, students explore pathways toward becoming influential Journalists, detail-oriented Paralegals, visionary Publishers, or persuasive Speechwriters. Equip your students with the power of storytelling, opening doors to diverse careers where their voices lead and inspire.


This course invites students into the rapidly changing world of business, where innovation meets consumer demand. This course equips young minds with the tools to understand and adapt to the dynamic cycle of product and service evolution. By exploring roles such as Business/Sales Development Representative, Product Manager, Software Developer, and Public Relations Specialist, students gain insights into satisfying consumer needs and driving market trends. Prepare your students to navigate the business landscape with creativity and strategic thinking, readying them for future careers that shape industries.


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About Us

At Career Palette, we’re not just preparing students for the future; we’re reimagining it. In a world where 63% of college students graduate and 75% pivot majors, it’s clear that the journey to one’s true calling is fraught with change and challenge. The path from education to career shouldn’t be a leap into the unknown but a seamless transition fueled by passion and precision.

We’ve observed a gap in traditional education systems — a disconnect between students’ budding interests and the roadmap to realizing them. This is where Career Palette steps in, transforming the conventional approach to career readiness and college preparation for students in grades 6-12.

Our philosophy is simple yet revolutionary: blend passion with practicality. We empower students to explore the nexus of what they love and what the world needs. Through meticulously designed programs, we extend the boundaries of school curriculums, offering a breadth of resources and experiences that schools alone cannot provide.

Imagine a place where students don’t just learn about potential careers but live them, through immersive coursework and real-world experiences. Career Palette is that visionary leap, ensuring every student can navigate their journey with confidence, equipped for the college and career that awaits. Welcome to the future of education. Welcome to Career Palette.

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