Honors 2020

Welcome to the First Annual Honors 2020!

Presented by MTAC Santa Clara

This event spotlights the top music students and teachers from MTAC Santa Clara County. These students have received a Branch Honors rating on their CM 2020 Applications.

The Hosts:

Oclef will be organizing the event for MTAC Santa Clara. We’re excited about getting this first annual event established, even with all the chaos that the world is experiencing at the moment. You’ll hear from us in your inbox, see us hosting recitals and we are connecting with MTAC about a CM Scholarship opportunity. Talk with your teacher about this after they attend the upcoming MTAC meeting next month.


All students participating will receive their performance time and log on details directly via email. The listing below is just a supplemental reference. We’ve organized the event into four rooms. Tap to see more details.

September 6

Beethoven Room | 706

Tap Beethoven for more details

Beyoncé Room | 940

Tap Beyoncé for more details

Marley Room | 997

Tap Marley for more details

August 30

Lennon Room | 337

Tap Lennon for more details

Beethoven Room | 706

Tap Beethoven for more details

Beyoncé Room | 940

Tap Beyoncé for more details

Marley Room | 997

Tap Marley for more details


My child submitted a video for the event, do they need to be there?

Yes. Your child needs to be present at the event or their video will be skipped.

Can I invite family and friends to the concert?

Yes, you can definitely do this. Share the log on details directly with them and not on social channels or forums.

My child is performing live, do you have any tips to optimize the experience?

Yes, we’ve emailed you several suggestions about how to optimize the performance, please reference that.

We have another class scheduled during our recital, can we change times?

Only students performing live online can select their performance time. If you’d like to shift to live performance, contact us directly to make a one-time change.

Where is the event hosted?

The event is hosted online on Zoom software. Visit zoom.us to learn more about the software. You can also search mobile app stores for the mobile app.

Do I need to come early. Can I come early?

You are definitely welcome to come early, but your performance spot is set during your recital hour.

How many music teachers are there in MTAC Santa Clara?

There are over 300 music teachers who are part of this organization in Santa Clara County. This event features many of the top teachers and their top students.

How can I get invited to this next year?

Piano students must be at MTAC Level 5 or above and receive a “Branch Honors” rating for their CM. For the thousands of students who take CM each year, only several hundred will receive this rating. It is based upon Repertoire, Technique, Sight Reading, Theory and Ear Training. For other instruments, talk with your teacher to understand the specifics of each component.

Should my child dress up?

Whether they are performing live online or showcasing their pre-recorded video, students should come dressed appropriately as they would for any event that requires smart casual attire.