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At Oclef we offer piano education personalized to leverage and strengthen you and your child’s unique abilities and talents
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Julian Toha, Master Piano Teacher

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At Oclef we are committed to researching, developing, and providing piano education that actually teaches kids to succeed as independent learners. We offer piano lessons that end the struggle over practice and drop out. This is piano education personalized to leverage and strengthen you and your child’s unique abilities and talents. Piano education your family needs.

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Music is a language. When your child is first starting piano they begin building important habits in reading and comprehending the language that guides how they will learn. These habits are the fundamentals of piano education: reading, comprehension, listening, and coordination. All of these habits need to be guided properly so that the child learns correctly and their literacy and independence are set as the priority.

Our lessons are designed to have the teacher give you and your child frequent attention and direction during the early years of development so that your child doesn’t fall into the bad habits found in misguided piano students. It is common for students taking piano lessons to develop improper habits and this may result in fights over practice, frustration and eventually – drop out. Keep in mind that this result is not completely the teacher’s or parent’s fault. It is a result of the educational programming that allows bad habits to form.

Our lessons promote child and parent independence and prevent the fights, struggle and drop out of piano.


Your child never has to practice alone! With daily lessons 3 or more times per week, all your guided practice time, piano lessons, and music theory are included. Sign up and get your first week of lessons free.

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"If your child is a creative one, Mr. Julian could help bring out that creative side of your child. Mr. Julian also helps the kids composing their own songs if they show an interest in doing so. With less than a year, Mr. Julian was able to bring our son's performance skills to the next level.  He can play a piece of music expressively and really enjoyed performing them...I don't know of any kids who doesn't love Mr. Julian.  If you ask a kid why they like to go to piano class, the kind of a respond you would get from the child is "because of you, Mr. Julian"."

Xin L.

"Both of my kids are studying under Mr Julian and I echoed all the compliments from other parents. He has personalized curriculum for all the kids. Since both of my kids have different interest and personality, he gave them different pieces to work on, not just playing through a set book. He also encourage parents to upload practice video between lessons and spent his personal time to give comments, checking practice progress...He hosted parent duet recital encouraging the whole family to enjoy playing music, and he also hosted pop recitals, kids can play their favorite movie game songs. He even taught  and helped kids to organize the recital. The kids received more than piano education, music education, it's more well around education than I can image."

Zongjun Q.

"Mr. Julian is a very passionate pianist. He loves kids, plays with them, and would go well above and beyond a piano teacher's role to arrange activities to get kids engaged in the education process. Recently, my daughter attended the Trick-Or-Treat event hosted in his studio where Mr. Julian would wear the funny dinosaur costume :-). Last Saturday the studio just had a Bowling event sponsored by Mr. Julian where all the kids had so much fun."

Where We Teach

We are located in Evergreen in San Jose, California. We have students who come to us locally and we serve online students from all over.