Music Teaching. Augmented.

Oclef Pro is a learning management software for music teachers. As a teacher, you can build your own video methodology library and custom practice plans for students. Using video lesson calls as a service, increase your revenue streams and teach students outside your local area. Elevate your music teaching business and connect with all students and parents in one simple-to-use app.

Build your method

Create your own methodology so you can teach students and parents beyond the lesson. Develop an all-access library with lessons, guided practices and skill videos to help them when they need it the most.
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Expand your reach

Take your music lessons online with video calls. By adding online music lessons to your services, you'll be tapping into new and rapidly-growing revenue streams. Work with students outside of your local area and redefine the way you teach with flexible options for online, in-person and hybrid teaching.

Teach. Inspire. Connect.

Communication is everything. Deliver custom repertoire collections and practice plans right to your students or their parent's phones—then track their progress. In-app messaging lets you build communities, celebrate, and engage with students and parents. All in one place.
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Oclef Pro is $99 per month, all-inclusive.

No matter how many students learn with you or your school, $99/month total is all you’ll pay.

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