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Piano Education Reimagined

Your children and family deserve a school and teachers who care deeply about education. And not only can we ensure that your child is learning piano properly, but that we will do everything we can to help them develop as confident, creative and strong individuals. That’s our promise.


1 Child2 Children
3-day class pass (per week)3-day class passes (per week)
Private Lessons for students Stages 2-4Private Lessons for students Stages 2-4
Includes all recitals & eventsIncludes all recitals & events

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School Hours

Fall Schedule: Monday-Friday | 7AM-8:30AM & 2PM-9PM Saturday | 8AM-8PM*

How do classes work at Oclef?

Every Oclef student and parent receive a 3-day class pass to use each week. This gives them access to attend a variety of classes depending on their stage of learning. Students and parents are encouraged to set a schedule of classes that work best for their interests and availability. We don’t require that students use their pass each week, but we strongly encourage it.

For Stage 1 Students (Parents required):

Keynote Piano Class™

A child’s first teachers are their parents. Keynote Piano Class leverages that bond to teach parents and students how to learn piano together using the Oclef Method. In the class, an Oclef Teacher works with parents and students to check for habits, understanding and reading ability. The class focuses on helping parents and students learn to read music as patterns of intervals, rhythms, and moves. Be amazed at how confident your child will be reading music using our methodology. (40 minutes)

Keynote Rhythm Class (Beta)

Rhythm is fundamental to learning music. In Keynote Rhythm Class, parents and students use a variety of fun approaches to improve rhythm and coordination. The Oclef Teacher helps parents and students of varying abilities within Stage 1 to challenge and improve their rhythm. Get ready to clap, tap, drum and play your way towards leveling up your music skills. You won’t want it to end. (30 minutes)

Sample weekly schedule for Stage 1 Student and Parent:

For Stage 2 & 3 Students:

Kaizen Piano Class™

Practicing piano at home can be lonesome. And for some students, it can be full of distraction, random water breaks and staring at the clock counting the minutes left. Kaizen Piano Class is a guided practice class that is designed to make practice time efficient and engaging. It’s a group class where an Oclef Teacher helps students to practice their pieces properly using tools and strategies. Although students each have their own practice station, they can also connect, interact and learn from other students on the strategies and tools that they use to practice. (40 minutes)

Music Theory Class

What is an inverted b minor chord and why does this even matter? As students develop beyond Stage 1 and enter Stage 2, the Oclef Method begins to introduce deep memorization techniques, sight reading hacks, and practice tools that accelerate development and learning. The concepts found in music theory are at the core of the educational programming for Stage 2 and 3 students. In this class, students use partnering and teams to do presentations, composition, challenges, and games. Who said music theory can’t be fun? (40 minutes)

Pop Music Class

From the Beatles to Beyonce and Mario Brothers to Harry Potter, Pop is the genre of music that gives pulse to every generation and drives culture. Although the Oclef Method emphasizes Classical Music within its training, we believe students should explore Pop Music and we see it as a key part of their musical vocabulary. In this class, students are given a piece of pop music arranged and designed by Oclef Editors. This class encourages students to be highly engaged in practice while learning to play the tunes they love. (40 minutes)

1-on-1 Private Lessons (included in tution)

The art and creativity of learning piano are featured in the education of Stage 2 and Stage 3 students. This is why we’ve streamlined our education design to have students in these stages receive private lessons. These students take private weekly lessons with a Master Piano Teacher who builds a custom curriculum for them. Their custom education plan, Student Vision Plan (SVP), is designed to highlight unique strengths and to leverage each child’s abilities and talents while still presenting challenges that appeal to their personal tastes. This is piano education reimagined, piano education your family needs and deserves. (30 minutes)

Sample weekly schedule for Stage 2 & 3 Student:

What stage is my child?

The Oclef Method divides students into four distinct stages based on the current focus of their learning.

Stage 1: Reading

All students just beginning and in their first 2-3 years are in stage 1. Literacy in the patterns of intervals, rhythms, and moves are the focus of all parents and students in this stage. Most students under 8 are still completing this stage. Usually, once a student can sight read Level 2 and is exiting method books, they have completed this stage.

Stage 2: Tools

Students in Stage 2 are focusing on mastering tools (conducting, counting out loud, backward, etc.) Probably the hardest to complete, this stage usually lasts 2-3 years. Most students under 10 are still completing this stage or stage 1. Once a student can sight read pieces at Level 5 or above and have mastered all tools, they have completed this stage.

Stage 3: Problem Solving

This is the stage where students begin to learn pieces completely on their own. A teacher or coach is most useful as a guide to help students develop their own performance style and approach to problem-solving. Once a student can sight read Level 8 or above and can learn Level 10 pieces on their own, they have completed this stage.

Stage 4: Independence

During this stage, the student now has complete independence to learn almost any music without the help of an instructor. A Master Teacher can still be useful to this stage 4 learner to help them to develop professionally and prepare for college, to train them how to teach using the Oclef Method, or other Stage 4 Paths designed by Oclef. Select Stage 4 students may be offered paid fellowships to work alongside teachers at Oclef – an impressive feature on their resume for college.