Training Topics

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  1. Teachers
    1. Getting started
      1. How to download Oclef and sign up
    2. Teacher profile
      1. How to complete your teacher profile
      2. How to manage events and recitals
      3. How to add videos to your teacher profile
      4. How to feature a student portfolio
    3. Add & delete students
      1. How to add a student
      2. How to delete a student
    4. Give assignments
      1. How to give a student an assignment
      2. How to create a group assignment
    5. Helping students sign up
      1. How to help a student connect
    6. Managing assignments
      1. How to delete an assignment
      2. How to add a composition to the Oclef database
      3. What does Require Recordings mean for students?
      4. How to mark an assignment complete
    7. Building a teacher video library
      1. How to upload a teacher video example
      2. How to unpublish a teacher video
    8. Student recordings
      1. How to view student recordings and provide feedback
      2. How to publish student recordings
      3. I can't hear anything from the recording my student uploaded
    9. Student portfolio and profile
      1. What is a student portfolio in Oclef?
      2. How to manage achievements
      3. How to manage a student profile
    10. Communicating with parents and students
      1. How to send a private 1 to 1 message
      2. How to create a group message
      3. How to send multimedia messages
      4. How to connect with a new or existing colleague
    11. Other
      1. How to manage settings
      2. How to manage and use the notifications tab
      3. How to flag inappropriate videos or comments
      4. How to make sure your Oclef app is always updated