7 surprising ways to improve your music students – Connect your studio (part 6 of 8)

One of the most powerful ways to improve your studio is to connect your studio. Bringing together students through technology, events and recitals is a prime way to develop your studio.

The current generation being raised is Generation Z and they are highly interdependent, risk-adverse and they are technology natives. All of these are reasons to use some type of broadcasting or communication platform to connect your studio on a micro-social level. Being in contact with students and parents on a weekly or even daily basis will improve your status in their life as an important figure who helps them grow and be confident.

There are many ways to go about this, but you should continuously look for ways to inspire them through studio messages and culture:

1. Have a studio mantra! Ours is “Dream, Believe, Create, Succeed”. It goes on everything we have: shirts, books, and backpacks. Kids love it. It changes the way they act.

2. Send inspiring messages: videos, articles, playlists, or games. Send kids media for them to consume and enjoy that represents your studio culture and shows you care.

3. Announce student accomplishments. Studying music is difficult and most of the time is spent talking about improvements. When something goes right or is great news – share it, with everyone. Who doesn’t like recognition?

The list goes on and varies for the practices of each studio. But you should keep looking for ways for the kids in your studio to connect with you and themselves. Community and culture will drive your studio to be more resilient and focused on the goals that matter most.


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