Can Music Cure Alzheimer’s?

Check out this video to witness the power of music!

Last week, we discovered the power of music on emotions and feelings. Today, two Oclef students share their thoughts on the role music plays in health care, specifically Alzheimer’s…

“Can music, as simple as it is, cure Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s is a disease that can cause memory loss and many people, unfortunately, have it. Some causes are plaques and tangles. Beta-amyloid is a leftover fragment of a larger protein. When these fragments cluster together, they are poisonous to some cells and disrupt communication. No communication means many sensory issues. Some of the symptoms include memory loss of all forms, distrust, and depression. Music is a very beneficial therapy because it is very enjoyable, it relieves harmful stress, and it helps with behavioral problems.

To begin with, music is very enjoyable and typically improves your mood. It also gives you certain emotions for example, happiness and bravery (for some bizarre reason). Most people tend to remember songs they heard and sometimes can’t seem to forget it. For example, people who are in the hospital because of Alzheimers, hear music they remember and something inside their head sparks resulting in them remembering happy times connected to music, like if their family listened to music with him or her. The patient might remember that with the music and with this memory, others can unfold and become remembered again.

Also, it relieves harmful stress. Stress, as we all know, is very harmful to us. Not only does it make anybody unused to it much less productive, but too much can be deadly!

This is how something as simple as music can cure something as un-simple as a memory problem. It brings back memories bit by bit and gives the patient’s memory back.”

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