Can video recording change music education? (Part III of III)

In the first part of this mini-series on video I talked about video recording lessons and in part two I talked about how video can help parents and students at home.

In the last part of this series we will be talking about the silent, yet intimidating question going through student’s heads every time they practice.

Am I better?

I have asked a lot of questions in my lifetime, but in order to make it as a concert pianist, I needed to ask the above question millions of times (literally).

It’s the most important question you can ask when practicing piano. As a student you ask it hundreds of times per hour of practice.

One way that my grandmother used to make me feel better when I had a tough day practicing is she would make me listen to an old CD of me performing.

She knew what would always come to mind.

“Wow, I used to be terrible at piano.”

In reality, I wasn’t terrible. It just felt like I had come so far because of the new abilities and understanding I had acquired.

She’s used actions to answer the question looming over my head after four hours of practice.

Am I better?

So when we began building Oclef, I knew I wanted there to be a way for students to visit their old recordings and see how they have improved. It’s since become one of the core benefits of using the app. Can this app help students and parents get through the tough times where quitting seems like a smart choice?


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