Keeping it Cool at Oclef Evergreen! ☀️

Happy Summer Everyone, I’m Kailani, and we’re back again with another Kai Report! 🙂 For the first time since the pandemic, Oclef Evergreen is opening its doors to students for our Piano Summer Day Camp!

From now until August 5th, Oclef students can come together to meet with friends, instructors, and professors for the summer. We’re welcoming our students to participate in-person with some of our trademark classes, including Kaizen, Perfomance Seminar, and Pop. I’m super excited, too! Being based in SoCal, I’m looking forward to a little piano-vacation with our community at Oclef Evergreen.

I’m delighted to see how much the kids get out of our day camp. It’s definitely a change of scenery from our typical online format. The students can get some sun and continue learning, while kicking back & enjoying music with their friends. With plans to include local field trips, games, and maybbbeeee a pizza party or two, I can only imagine how exciting this would be for our students. If I had this opportunity as a kid, I think I would’ve begged my parents to let me go despite living in Los Angeles! What would you do for a Kaizen class? 

Piano 🎹 + Pizza 🍕 = Some VERY happy pianists!!

I’m grateful to see how much the Oclef community has grown since the pandemic. I’m even more thrilled to be a part of it. The revival of Piano Day Camp promises even more fun for Oclef’s future: meet and greets from across the country, the possibility of Piano Camps in some of Oclef’s expanding epicenters (Seattle, Los Angeles, New York…), and the chance for families and friends to share the amazing experiences that come with piano. 

I’m hoping to find some time to head over there and meet the mini-musicians that bring Oclef to life. So far, I’m hearing Day 1 was a success. I’ll check back in throughout the summer as more festivities unravel.

If you’d like to sign up your kids for Day Camp, please reach out to your child’s professor. Camp will be from June 13th to August 5th, 5 days a week. Half days are also being offered for convenience! We can have your kids jamming in no time 🙂 Hope to see you all soon, and that’s a wrap for today’s Kai Report!

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