Power of Music Art

For the month of December, I chose to draw something music-related and explain its meaning, my inspiration, and my thought process when brainstorming what to draw.

(Please look at the art before reading or reference it while reading)

The Meaning Behind It

My goal when drawing this was to draw what music meant to me while adding in small details. The Oclef logo represents the studio I learn at, the circle of fifths represents the theory, and the musical elements in it (treble clef, repeat sign, notes, everything in the Oclef logo) represent music as a whole. Of course, music is more than just notes and noise, it has emotion and a part of music is about expressing yourself.

My Thought Process

Overall, my thought process when drawing was “How many details can I fit in?” and “Do I use color pencil or pen for this?”. 

Since using a pencil to draw the treble clef in the middle would make it too obvious, I decided to use the negative space as the “pencil.” I first colored in the inside of the logo then used a small eraser as a “pencil” to draw a treble clef. A white treble clef would be much less noticeable than drawing it in pencil.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from a mosaic I colored in a coloring game. I also searched up multiple musical signs and looked at the Ocelf logo.

Thank you for reading!

Julia Li

Oclef Student – Power of Music

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