Why are all subjects separated in school?

Why are all subjects separated in school?

I really don’t understand why this is the case the majority of the time. Learning new ideas, concepts and even meeting new people, we always link them with previous knowledge. Learning is simply new connections – our mind joins and binds it with information we already know.

Why does our education system value isolation and should learning be less isolated and more interdependent?

We teach students math over years and years and it gives them a frame of mind to think in. How many people use high level math after school is complete?

So why don’t we integrate subjects using projects as a platform?

It’s always happened, but it’s a drop of water in a sea of monotonous teaching. It will take a wave of creative teachers who can develop and share project blueprints and insights with each other. It will take a government who is open to change the education system (which hasn’t been restructured for over 100 years). It will take a lot of work and no one knows if it will be better for sure. It will take a risk, and that’s why it won’t happen. Not yet at least.

Technology can only do so much to facilitate change. The major obstacle for education is to create a system that is 10 or 100 times better, otherwise it won’t be integrated. With the coming waves of AR, self-driving vehicles, wearables, drones, VR, ubiquitous screens and AI – Education may finally find a new system.


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  1. Hanner

    Thats a good point. I think we like separating things just so it’s easier to deal with. But I agree that it would be worth seeing if kids learned better if we didn’t isolate subjects.

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