Happy Father’s Day

Today is a special day, the annual day to honor and appreciate all the fathers in our world. I am proud to say that my father was my siblings’ number one fan for music. Every year, for various holidays like Easter or Christmas, he would record videos of us playing music to send out to my father’s side of the family. It became a tradition.

This year, however, is special. Ever since my sister Audrey and I enrolled in the French courses offered at my high school, my dad has insisted on us to sing and record a French song. Finally, three years later, we found the perfect song to do so. Aside from being my father’s favorite French song, the song itself is quite meaningful.

“Mistral gagnant” by Renaud is a song about fatherly love. It’s quite an intimate song, as Renaud wrote the lyrics for singing to his daughter. From the song, he reflects upon his own childhood, realizing that time really flies and that soon, his own daughter’s childhood will flash by in an instant. I remember recently asking my dad if my siblings and I grew up fast, and his answer was “Yes, of course.” I, myself, can’t believe I will be turning 18 next year.

Time really flies, but I’m glad my family preserved memories in the forms of pictures and videos. So, I present to you “Mistral gagnant” performed by Audrey and I. The video additionally features pictures of my siblings’ childhood memories, in which some include the man himself, my father.


Adele Nguyen, Oclef Piano Instructor

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