What to Do During Quarantine Pt. 2

This week’s activities are not just geared towards piano students! Instead, everyone is encouraged to do the following as a way to develop or further develop their interest in music.

1. Watch music documentary/movies

Music documentaries are a great way to learn more about the history of music! There are so many interesting films relating to music available on the internet, so you should definitely check some out! My recommendations include The Pianist (available on Netflix) and for children, Disney’s Fantasia, which features a mix of animation imagery and classical music. I also recently watched a video on what color sounds like, highlighting the effects of synesthesia and Kandinsky’s work. I’m amazed at how extensive the music world is. There’s always something new to learn!

2. Discover new music

Speaking of new things, free your quarantine of boredom by discovering new music! I know I, personally, have already gotten sick of some of my favorite songs :(. Discovering new songs is refreshing and allows one to gain greater insight into the various genres of music! While I mainly listen to classical and pop music, I recently became interested in indie and soul music!

3. Create music playlists

With a great variety of music, creating playlists is a wonderful way to organize it all! You can use apps like Apple Music or Spotify to do so. I like to create my playlists based on moods, varying from uplifting music to sad songs to even songs that would play when a movie character is looking out of a car window. Playlists can also be organized by occasion. For example, a playlist dedicated to when going out for walks would be especially useful during this time of quarantine. Listen to fun music and get fresh air!

Wishing you all the best,

Adele Nguyen, Oclef Piano Instructor

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