What to Do During Quarantine

I hope you all have been well! It’s been quite a while since the last blog, but today I am here with a special edition quarantine series. Every week I’ll be posting a list of 3 music-related things to do to save you from quarantine boredom. And don’t worry, these activities will not interfere with social distancing!

1. Practice

While I am stating the obvious, this time at home should be used productively. I recently had a conversation with my uncle and he said how this is a once in a lifetime that we have this much free time. So, definitely extend the length of your usual practices! Use this time to secure the memorization of CM pieces and try pieces that you’ve always wanted to learn!

2. Learn a new instrument

With experience in piano, you’ll have an advantage at learning other instruments. Take this time to discover a new interest, whether it be learning guitar, violin, etc. We are lucky to live in the 21st century, where the Internet provides us with various resources on how to get started with a new instrument!

3. Song of Comfort

Last but not least, you should find your own ‘Song of Comfort’. Yo-Yo-Ma, a famous cellist, recently encouraged ‘Songs of Comfort’ during this global crisis. Find yourself a song to lift your spirit during this challenging time! Bonus points if you can perform it! I, in fact, had to do so as an orchestra assignment. I enjoyed the process a lot, as I had to record different parts to make my piece come together. I’ve always found comfort in my family so I did a cover of “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi to reflect the 10-year mark since my grandma passed away 😔. 

Feel free to check out my cover here. This is the chance for everyone to show off their creativity and musical talent! :)

Stay safe,

Adele Nguyen, Oclef Piano Instructor

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