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Since our founding as an education software company in 2015, we’ve worked to help students, parents, and teachers to connect and improve their piano education experience. Now that we are building Oclef Schools, we have doubled down on our desire to be a platform for students to raise their confidence, skills, and profiles. We envision Oclef schools as a place they can develop a love for music and feel supported in the passion projects they create. 

In today’s blog, I wanted to share 10 ideas of how students can raise their profiles in preparation for applying to a private school (K-12) or get into college. Schools look for leadership in students, so while you may not be the best pianist, there are various ways to exemplify your dedication!

Ten ways to improve your applications for Private Schools or College Apps:

1. Release an album on Apple Music & Spotify 

2. Publish a book of Compositions – Donate any proceeds of the project to charity

3. Create a research project (about piano education) and then submit it to Research Journals – maybe they’ll publish it!

4. Ask us for a recommendation – we can make you look good for all those 7 AM practices you’ve come too.

5. Create a non-profit organization (colleges love collaboration)

6. Organize a benefit concert 

7. Develop a community project (art pianos around San Jose)

8. Setup a local concert tour (coffee shops, senior homes, airports, and hospitals)

9. Get a job with Oclef (Colleges are impressed with initiative and responsibility)

10. Make a blog, podcast, or vlog about Piano, Piano Teaching, Piano Education Stories

Especially now that our world revolves around technology, engaging with social media platforms through blogs, podcasts, albums, and other publications will provide greater exposure for your music. The actions also show schools how you’re taking initiative to reach out to the community!

Of course, these are just 10 of the many ways to enhance one’s profile. The most important aspect to keep in mind, however, is passion. Following this list solely to get into a school will not be effective if the piano is not a passion that you’re willing to dedicate time to. That being said, feel free to contact us about any questions or reach out to any Oclef Piano Instructor (most of whom went/are going through the college process) about their experience!


Adele Nguyen, Oclef Piano Instructor

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