Piano Education Pt. 2

The difference between most piano studios and Oclef is that music here is collaborative. The various courses offered here allow students to work together, with both parents and peers, to discover the power of music. In most cases, students learn pieces through listening and playing according to what they hear. This imitation, however, prevents students from actually reading the music. The classes here at Oclef are designed to avoid that issue, along with providing other benefits. 

While I mainly run the Kaizen classes, Oclef has not failed to amaze me with unique courses, especially Electronic Music and Pop Music. Oclef allows students to play a wide range of music, not just classical. Unfortunately, my piano journey solely consisted of classical music, and I can’t say I’m too pleased about that. Having opportunities to explore the pop and electronic music that define our modern society definitely would’ve enhanced my experience with piano. Instead, I spent most of my time preparing for CM tests and recitals, not really putting much time into my own musical interests. Because I learned pieces through imitating Youtube videos, my time was consumed and I was hesitant to even look at pop music. Classmates would often ask, “Oh you play the piano? Can you play [insert a hit pop song] on it?” My answer, sadly, would always be no. It wasn’t until after I finished Level 10 CM that I embraced pop music. I found it a lot more enjoyable, which made me realize how I could’ve had that experience way earlier in my music career. 

Of course, each person is different. While I greatly appreciate pop and modern music, another might be exploring their passions in classical music. Oclef is wonderful in that all these options are available. Students have the opportunity to involve themselves in music composition, performance seminar, pop music, and more! They also have the chance to share their learning process with others, whether that be showing off pop songs to classmates or having jam sessions with friends. After all, music is one language that unites us all.

Until next time,

Adele Nguyen, Oclef Piano Instructor

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