What does piano education mean?

Why do we want to learn the piano? Looking back 10 Christmases ago, the only gift I wanted was piano lessons. I wanted to learn piano simply because my older sister and everyone I knew played (such a bandwagon, am I right 🤣). My motivation to be like my sister made starting the piano learning process easy, but this was not permanent. I soon found that getting through practice was tough. I disliked the isolation, especially dreading the loneliness that came with my practice hours.  

This all changed one day when I was introduced to duet pieces. I instantly fell in love with the combination of sounds and found it especially appealing that I would be performing with another individual. I loved practicing the duets with my sister since it meant that we would be learning the song together. I realized I enjoyed making music with others! So, incorporating this into my music journey, I began playing for a choir at church and joined my school’s orchestra, which resulted in a life-changing experience to Carnegie Hall (more on that another time :)).

What makes piano education so important is that although it takes place in various forms, the connection is key. Connection with the music, with peers, with teachers, and most importantly, with oneself are what push the limit to reach one’s full potential. Piano education isn’t just learning how to make noise on the instrument; it’s about learning music as a whole, having fun, and growing as a person during the process. 

Here at Oclef, we have various classes that promote this cooperation and opportunity. You can check out for course descriptions or be on the lookout for the next blog, featuring the specific impacts of the classes and a discussion expanding on this topic!

Happy Holidays,

Adele Nguyen, Oclef Piano Instructor

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