Happy Thanksgiving!

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One year ago, I wrote my first blog on why I’m thankful for piano, a statement that is true to this day. Even with everything going on in the world this year, especially the pandemic, music has remained a valuable form of comfort. We’re able to uplift our moods, express our creativity, expand our learning, and most importantly, share the joy with others. So, as a way to continue celebrating the Thanksgiving spirit, I would like to share what a couple of students from “The Power of Music” class are thankful for.

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Adele Nguyen, Oclef Instructor

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“Why am I thankful for music?”
I am thankful for music because it inspires and motivates me, without it, I wouldn’t have come up with many of the ideas I have for my writing.
It is a beautiful and complex art that I have come to appreciate and have a passion for.
And this is why I am thankful for music.

Emma Yan, Oclef Student

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“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music is an important part of our lives. We listen to it everyday, we sing along to it, we dance to it.
I’m extremely grateful for music. It shapes our lives in many ways. There are people producing music, learning instruments, and much more. It affects our mood, our motivation, even our personality.
I’m grateful for music because it brings joy to our life. Through tough times, you can still find music and listen to it. It may even affect you forever, or let you walk a path you never dreamed of.
I’m grateful for music because it makes me happier, more creative, and lets me get more work done.

Julia Li, Oclef Student

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Thanksgiving is a special holiday when you become thankful for what you have. Since Thanksgiving is pretty much upon us, I will give my thanks to music, piano, and Oclef. Ever since I joined Oclef 2 years ago, my piano level has gone from level 4 to level 8. I finally had the full power of what I could’ve had 2 years since I started piano. Mr. Julian and the Oclef people all have improved so many kids’ piano skills and I want to thank them all for this.

Vivian Liao, Oclef Student

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Have you ever wished to learn the piano, but never found a suitable choice? In my case, the solution was Oclef. Oclef is a piano studio where the learning process is very different from the standard studio. I am very thankful to be swapped from my previous studio because Oclef uses various tools to help diagnose and fix all kinds of errors from coordination to character, which is very unlike the one tool my previous teacher used: repeating from the beginning. The main focus of Oclef is not the notes but making the piece musical. Before, I was always stressed out trying to memorize all of the notes and always had a very bad time. I also am a better performer now due to Oclef’s method of playing at least once a month. Before I swapped, I only played in one every year! I wasn’t used to it before and always hated them. Now, I really don’t mind playing in front of a crowd, all thanks to Oclef. It helped me combat most of my troubles trying to have a fun and enjoyable piano career and I am very thankful for the excellent teaching I received from the one and only OCLEF.

Matthew Wang, Oclef Student


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