How Music Affects the Mind Pt. 2

Although you may not know it, music is a rather important thing in our world. It’s an art in which we can express ourselves through, and let us experience a wide variety of emotions. 

Music can also be an influential sort of art, which can affect the human mind and brain in different ways. It can change our behaviour, emotions, and even change our perception of the world. As you can see, it has many effects. 

Scientific studies have shown that when people listen to music, their emotions fluctuate. And different languages, tempos, and sound levels of music can have different effects on a person’s emotions, as well as someone’s physical and mental activities.

For example, if you’re exercising with a certain type of music, such as the sort of music that would get you pumped up and ready to go,  it would probably boost your morale like how it does for most people. It can also increase your stamina and put you in a better mood, thereby making your exercise a lot more enjoyable. 

An example of my own is when I’m trying to think of creative ideas for stories. Sometimes I just listen to some music based on the genre I’m trying to write about. Like if I am trying to write a sad story, I’d listen to sad music. If it was a happy story, I’d listen to happy music. I do this to really get me in the correct mindset for writing that certain genre, and it gives me lots of great inspiration. 

And that concludes my explanation of how music can affect the human mind and brain. 

The End.

Written by Emma Yan

Oclef Student – Power of Music

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