Is music education a superorganism?

Scientists have now established that forests are connected by the relationships between fungi and trees. They send food and resources to each other and can also communicate when there is danger. They are all connected through small tubes created by the fungi. Forests are a superorganism.

Bees are also a superorganism. They work for the betterment of the hive and to serve the queen. Whether they need the resources personally or not, they continue to help.

Superorganisms are resilient and always growing because of the constant focus on improving various parts to better the whole. It’s nature’s version of synergy. It’s not hard to imagine how many industries are becoming more and more like superorganisms.

Is music education a superorganism?

No, not yet. One thing that all superorganisms have is a way to connect and communicate – a common language and a nervous system to pass those messages through the network immediately. Where is the common body of work in music education and way to connect?

Probably the closest thing for teachers would the MTNA national and state conferences. These happen once per year and have relatively low attendance. Once a year is too industrial. The connection should be any time you want and always on.

For students and parents it would be recitals. These also happen once or twice a year. What if there was a recital that was always on and whenever you want, you can connect?

Where is the connection is music education? How are the mistakes and successes of some students and teachers informing others. Does that happen? How are students in the same studio connected? How are the parents connected to their students? How are students connected to their own history?

Many of these connections are missing in music education. It must change. I imagine a platform to connect music education will create an awesome community of people who are passionate about teaching and learning music. Would you join?


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