Happy Father’s Day Pt. 2

There’s a quote that states “To the world, you are a dad. To our family, you are our world.” To Oclef, you are our support – we can’t thank all of our parents (including the fathers) enough!

Over the weekend, numerous families celebrated Father’s Day, proudly honoring fatherhood, memories, and overall fathers’ influence in their household. Last year on Father’s Day, I posted a blog, expressing my gratitude for my music’s number one fan by dedicating a cover of a French song about fatherly love. While I did gift my father another cover this year, this time a Vietnamese song titled “Cám Ơn Cha” (“Thank You Father”), I wanted to say thank you to all of the students and parents that have been with us, especially during the tough times of the pandemic.

This year has been anything but conventional. Yet, with all of your support, we’ve grown significantly as a school, offering a variety of classes while maintaining a steadily increasing number of dedicated students and instructors. But, of course, you might not believe me from just these seemingly biased words – how about we hear it from our students and parents?

Below, we have not just one, but three volumes of our series “What Parents and Students Say About Oclef” – special shoutout to all our interviewees!

What is Oclef?

It’s a day-to-day evaluation and assessment of their progress…it’s organized and driven by a group of very passionate teachers…it’s expressing myself and being able to show my love for music…it’s inspiring.

What Parents and Students Say About Oclef | Vol. 1

Oclef is amazing…a high-tech school…helpful but is also fun…there are also classes that let you be creative…provides tremendous opportunity.

What Parents and Students Say About Oclef | Vol. 2

Oclef opens the door to a whole new world in music to explore…providing more variety of programs…guidance, plan, and a goal…it’s like if Tony Stark ran a piano school 🤣

What Parents and Students Say About Oclef | Vol. 3

Hope you enjoyed and wishing nothing but the best for our fathers,

Adele Nguyen, Oclef Piano Instructor

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