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After a month-long break, Oclef Media will be back on August 26th with an exciting revamp. 

The class started in July of last year––since then, Oclef Media students have produced 66 videos where students share their musical interests and insight on the piano education process. This program (which has yielded assorted gems such as “Differences between the Classical and Romantic Musical Periods” by Matt and Naman, and “Types of Instruments” by Sera – videos shown below) takes students through the written communications process. They learn to organize their ideas into an argument or essay format, workshop their drafts after receiving external feedback, and effectively deliver their work to an audience––an approach that mimics their piano education. Through this, students have gained confidence in their own creative process.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve redeveloped the curriculum to focus on specific qualities of successful writing and delivery rather than video production itself, narrowing in on what makes a speech work. We’re hoping that this new format benefits students by giving them the tools to master facets of communication that they can extend to their schoolwork, social life, and any other setting where connection matters––which is, well, pretty much everywhere. Students will cultivate their skills mainly through exercises and collaborative games, and instead of a three-week video production cycle, students will have five weeks to focus on specific elements of their work before submission. This also gives us a chance to expand the genre of Oclef Media videos: before, most of the videos were in a nonfiction persuasive format––now, we’ve developed project ideas that delve into personal narrative and fiction storytelling as well.

Oclef Media Round Two will begin on August 26th at 6:30 PST. We hope to see you there!

Check out some of our featured videos:

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